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Pool Cleaners

If manually cleaning the pool is a tedious job for you, then there are a wide variety of automatic swimming pool cleaners that can do it for you.

Automatic Pool cleaners make pool cleaning tasks easy and convenient. While keeping the overall cleanliness of the entire pool area at its best. A variety of in ground and above ground automatic pool cleaners are available in the market from the best pool cleaner manufacturers recognized and widely used by pool owners in Australia.

The difference between a suction cleaner and a robotic cleaner:-

Suction Cleaners are affordable and easy to use swimming pool cleaners that vacuums dust from the pool. These type of cleaners require a length or lengths of hose to be connected to your skimmer box and will operate once your pump is turned on for filtration of your pool

Robotic Cleaners are innovative cleaners that can function independently with a remote control or with preprogrammed movements. They do not require a hose they are run using a cable which needs to be connected to an electrical socket, which means you are not waiting for the pump to turn on for the cleaner to start. They have a self contained filtration system and ideal for all types of pools. They will have a debris collection bag or box within the cleaner, which you can simply remove and hose out, and then replace. You may select a robotic cleaner to purely clean the floor of your pool or you may decide to choose one which will clean both the sides AND the floor of your pool

Keep your pool clean and tidy with one of our Pool Cleaners. Many types, brands and variations to choose from.