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Pool Filters

Swimming Pool Filters ensure the cleanliness and safety of pool water. That’s why it is necessary for every pool owner to have a quality pool filter that will perform the best filtering job.

The main types of pool filters are sand filters and cartridge filters . Each type of filter can effectively cleanse and filter pool water. They are also very easy to maintain.

Sand filters use sand to collect impurities from the water as small as 20-40 microns. Dirty water is pushed through the sand filter and the sand filters the debris and water impurities. Clean water then comes out of the bottom of the filter. Running the filter in reverse releases the dirty water and cleans the filter. This form of cleaning is called backwashing.

Cartridge filters have a larger filtering area than sand filters making more room for filtering. Given the larger filtering space, they don’t clog easily requiring very low maintenance. Filter elements are used to trap water debris and impurities. Cartridge filters also run at lower pressure resulting to more flow and productivity. you will be required to clean the cartridge filter frequently to ensure efficeint filtration.

High quality filters are available from dependable and reliable filter manufacturers. Davey, Onga, Hurlcon, Wateco and Zodiac offer a huge variety of cartridge or sand filters,.

 Choose a Filter for your pool! A Sand Media Filter or Cartridge Filter.