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Sand Filters

Sand Filters are specially made to trap contaminants and water particles from 20 to 100 microns. One good thing about sand filters is that, the more dirt it collects, the more efficient it becomes in trapping more dirt and foreign particles.

Backwashing is needed to keep the filter clean. When the pressure gauge shows a reading of 8 to 10 lbs, it may be a time for backwashing to remove the trapped dirt from the filter. Maintenance isn’t a huge problem as sand filters are known to have lowest maintenance among the other pool filter types. The tanks only need to be opened every five years and they are the type that’s easiest to operate and maintain.

Sand filters can provide excellent water condition that’s free of bacteria, debris and particles that may cause harm to swimmers. They can provide extra clean water for good and healthy swimming. Oz Pool Supplies provides the best sand filters there is in the market that is sure of quality and reliability.

A wide range of Sand Media Filters from Davey, Monarch, Waterco, Hurlcon, Onga and Zodiac