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Astral Pool Cartridge Filters

Astral Pool Cartridge Filters

Astral Pool Cartidge Filters prove excellence in doing filtering jobs and removing dirt and floating matters from the water. These filters efficiently remove dirt to help reduce the growth of bacteria and other harmful elements that may cause bad effects to the health of pool users.

Astral Pool has a wide range of filter models that will suit almost any pool type and buyer preferences.

Viron CL Cartidge Filter models are one of the best cartridge filter models in the market. They are proven one of the most effective means of removing dirt and filtering particles form pool water. They are also low maintenance which requires not so frequent cleaning. They are equipped with antimicrobial elements so that pool water is kept clean, healthy, and free from infestations of several sorts of harmful bacteria. Using these cartridge filters, you will save up to 10,000 liters of water per year by reducing the need to clean the elements.

ZX Cartridge Filters are small compact design that doesn’t require a backwashing line. They also require less maintenance and have antimicrobial elements that prevent the pool from bacterial infestation.

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